Chicken Pot Pie

Look at this slice of chicken pot pie with a flakey crust and stuffed full of chicken and organic veggies! … [Read more...]

Chicken Bites

Enjoy these bite sized chicken bites.  Now gluten free too.  Easy to warm and enjoy … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Bakery Goods

GF Glazed Lemon Bread.  We have a dedicated gluten free bakery to produce wonderful items that you can trust. … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are everyone's favorite. … [Read more...]

Fresh Bakery Items

Fresh bakery items come out of the oven everyday. … [Read more...]

Christmas Prime Rib and Hams

Let's plan ahead and order prime rib or ham for Christmas.  We will have it cut to the size you need for your Christmas dinner.  You can order it with or without seasoning by Joseph.  It's tender, flavorful, and will leave your dinner guests very satisfied.  We also offer side entrees like our Cheesey Potatoes, delicious Creamed Corn and our wonderful dinner rolls.  Our dessert menu will satisfy … [Read more...]

Preorder your groceries online!

We'll have your order pulled and ready for you when you come in to pickup. It's very simple. Click on the SHOP  link and see our entire list. Fill up your shopping cart online and we'll fill up the cart at the store. … [Read more...]